It’s been a while and it’s all O-Chem’s fault.

That is 100% truth.

Now that the much-anticipated Organic Chemistry exam is in my recent wake, I feel I can disclose this information. One of the supposed “giveaway” questions asked what NAD is an abbreviation for. As soon as I read that question I was severely tempted to drive a Phillips-head screwdriver through my ocular cavity. Dead giveaway. As in, the question was a giveaway, and I wanted to be dead.

I thought for a moment, and decided on “Never Accept Defeat.” 

Get it? It’s a good philosophy in general, I thought. And, like, it’s ironic because I put that instead of “nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide” (who the heck could remember that shit anyway?) therefore I..well, y’all are brainy, you get the logic. 

Needless to say, if anyone was still confused- (at which I would be flattered) I AM NO CHEMIST. I am just a chick who loves food and music and being free in the spring breeze! Can I major in that or nah


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